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Our Process

  • Business Analysis

    We’ll sit down with you at your office, over the phone, or via Skype to discuss exactly what you’re looking to build. This is perhaps the most important part of the project. Our goal is to fully comprehend your vision for your product from a business perspective. This includes understanding your target market for customers, opportunities, and timeline.

  • Requirements Gathering

    Once we’re in your shoes as the business champion, we can start gathering the full set of technical and business requirements. We’ll recommend particular technology such as .NET or Angular for your custom application as well as identify the long-term needs of your platform. Web technology is ever changing, and just because something isn’t budget friendly today, doesn’t mean it won’t be in the near future.
    The goal is to get your new cloud app to market as quickly as possible and within a reasonable budget.

  • Rapid Development

    Time is of the essence with every web application. We will provide you with access to online tools that will allow you to see the daily progress of your project. Your project manager will be in touch with you to ensure we are getting questions to you that we need answered as well as feedback from you on screenshots, mockups, design files, and modules as we develop them. We appreciate your being an active participant in the entire process so that we are constantly gaining your valuable business insight into the business perspective of the application development. We’re committed to your custom app being a success for your business, and the best way to ensure that is to keep you involved throughout the development process!

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“We are committed to your project’s success. Our job is not finished until you are totally satisfied.”
~ Jennifer Tracy, Co-founder

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We know that you have a particular vision for your business and your custom app. We also know that you have choices when it comes to getting your application built the way you want it. We bring our technology experience and expertise to the table, but at the end of the day, it’s your brand and your dream.

We’ll make sure that we deliver an excellent solution that meets the needs of your vision. It’s important to us that you are involved during the entire development process so that you can provide guidance on your vision and any changes to your industry, business, or target market. Our promise to you is that you will be satisfied on the day your new app launches!