Books Connector allows you to map online sales orders from an order source to a single Customer within QuickBooks Online. This is mostly commonly used for website orders where you don’t want to create a separate customer in QuickBooks Online for every order that you receive on your website.

For example, you receive 400 orders a day from your website, and you don’t want to create separate customers for those orders. Instead, you’d prefer that all the orders are assigned to the customer “Website Orders” you have setup in QuickBooks Online. Books Connector will retain the Billing and Shipping address information from your sales order and use that for the invoice created for the sales orders but all of the invoices will be created under the QuickBooks Online customer “Website Orders”.

In Books Connector, simply click the Customers tab at the top, click the Customer from QuickBooks Online that you’d like to map, and then map as many sales order sources to that Customer. Click Save, and all sales orders from the stores specified will be posted as invoices into QuickBooks Online under the Customer.

ST Books Connector customers mapping setup

Note: each order source can only be mapped to one customer but each customer can have as many order sources mapped to it as you have order sources.

Accountants may have different reasons for posting invoices using the same customer or to not post invoices using the same customer. There is no wrong or right way this should be handled. Books Connector gives you the flexibility to manage your customers however your accountant wants it done.

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