Books Connector offers a robust sales order management interface that allows you to:

  1. Sync your sales orders from 3rd party systems
  2. Quickly identify sales orders with customers or products that are missing from QuickBooks Online
  3. Easily filter your orders using quick searches and advanced searches to find the exact orders you’re looking for
  4. Ignore/Avoid posting sales orders that you don’t want to post to QuickBooks Online
  5. Easily post sales orders as invoices into QuickBooks using the settings you’ve configured previously

Once a 3rd party sales order source is connect (for example, ShipStation), you can easily sync new orders within the Sales Orders tab by clicking the Quick Sync power button and selecting ShipStation from the list. This will pull in all new sales orders.

Sales orders with a red flag indicate that the customer on the sales order does not match any of the existing customers in QuickBooks Online. You will need to create that customer in QuickBooks Online before it will post as an invoice or map the order source to an existing customer.

Filtering sales orders is as simple as typing in what you’d like to search by in the Search text box. This search performs a search on any field on the sales order grid. If you’d like to perform an advanced search on the Ship Date, Order Date, and Order Status fields, you can click the Advanced Search button and include each of those in your advanced search. You can Save & Run this advanced search (if you’d like to use it again later) or just Run the advanced search. Once you are in an advanced search, the Search text box will filter the results of the advanced search.

Ignoring sales orders that you don’t want to post as invoices into QuickBooks Online can be useful. Perhaps you have some sales orders that you canceled in ShipStation after they were already synced into Books Connector. Simply select the sales orders you’d like to mark as Ignored, select the Ignore power button, and then select the Ignore Selected option.

You also have the option to view previously ignored sales orders as well as restore sales orders that were previously ignored.

Posting invoices to QuickBooks Online is a simple process with Books Connector. Once you have synced your sales orders, select the orders you’d like to post into QuickBooks Online as invoices, select the Post as Invoice power button, then select Post as Invoice. This will begin the posting process to QuickBooks Online. Depending upon how many orders you selected it could take upwards of a minute or more to post your invoices to QuickBooks Online.

You also have the option to view previously posted sales orders.

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