The Verde Circle Philosophy

for building cloud-based, native mobile and offline apps with great UX/UI

Ideate Early and Often

Keep the creative process going throughout the entire product development process.


Create challenging business goals that require creative technology solutions!

Graph your data

Analyze and discover connections and relationships that might not otherwise be obvious.


Measure your understanding of your data, not just the data itself

UX Planning

Always look for new and inventive ways to provide Users with an exceptional experience without alienation.

Feedback is Life

Client feedback. User feedback. Always be listening for feedback! It can provide the business insights that alters the course of your business forever!

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So you think you want to build a mobile app?

We've put together a quick start technical Mobile App 101 guide for those who are new to the mobile app world.

Melanie Haselmayr at has put together an excellent Guide for building your first Mobile App. We highly recommend you read that two part article before you start your mobile endeavor.